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Best Fall Sports

By September 16, 2015UnRuly Life

With the change in seasons from sticky summer humidity to fresh fall air comes the arrival of autumn sports to watch and play. Now’s the time to cook up some wings, grab a few beers and settle into the comfy couch to cheer on your favorite professional and college football teams. But make sure to get out there and enjoy the breezy fall weather before it turns cold by organizing a few pick up games of your own or even joining a local league. Here are our fall sport ideas:

  • Sure, you’re no Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or Adrian Peterson, but we’re sure you’ve got some sweet moves of your own. Before the big game, organize a pick up football game of your own with the friends you typically watch with. You’ll get pumped up, feel inspired and probably feel less guilty about indulging in your favorite greasy game foods. Make it fun by turning it into a weekly thing, with jerseys and a funny team name.
  • If you’re a Ronaldinho, Ronaldo or Pelé fan, get your kicks by organizing a fall soccer tournament or joining a local league. Soccer is an awesome fall sport because it’s so fast-paced and requires consistent running, that the cool air of fall is a nice break from the stifling heat of summer that makes this kind of activity more strenuous. Unless you’re the goalie, soccer is an amazing cardio workout because it requires 90 minutes of stopping, starting, jumping, sliding and direction changing while keeping possession of a ball – it’s hard work.
  • For a more laid-back fall sport, consider playing bocce ball. Though it’s not a workout per say, you’re at least on your feet the entire time. Bocce is an exercise in precision and strategy, and we think it’s quite underrated.

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